The work we undertake

1. Statutory Audits
  • Audit under The Companies Act, 1956
  • Audit under The Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Audit under The Kerala Value Added Tax Act 2003
  • Audit under The Kerala Agricultural Income Tax Act, 1991
  • Audit of Banks, Insurance Companies etc.

The Industries in which we have undertaken professional assignments cover telecommunication, petrolium, chemicals, construction, erruction, commissioning, manufacturing of tea & coffee, networking, software industries, real estate, Food Processing, Rubber Processing, Retail Trading, Publishing, Printing, Manufacture of Packing Materials, Pharmaceutical distribution, Hire Purchase and Investment, Agriculture, Educational Institutions, Religious Institutions and Voluntary Organisations etc.

We have been empanelled with public sector restructuring and internal audit board of govt of Kerala industries department Thriruvanathapuram. The Comptroller and Auditor General's Office to audit Public Sector Undertakings and by the Reserve Bank Of India to audit the branches of Public Sector Banks. We have been conducting statutory audits for those entities every year.

2. Concurrent Audits/Internal Audits

We undertake concurrent audits and internal audits of Banks and other Organisations.

3. Tax Practice

Income Tax, Service Tax, Central Excise, Value Added Tax, Central Sales Tax, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax, Profession Tax etc.

We assist our clients in matters relating to :-
  • Estimation and payment of installments of advance tax
  • Filing of returns
  • Investment and tax planning.
  • Representation at all levels (assessments, appeals etc.) and planning under the various Taxation and other Statutes (Central and State).
  • E-filing related services

4. Managerial Services
    We prepare for our clients:-
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association and other Statutory documents of Companies and other similar Organisations;

  • Partnership Deeds , Trust Deeds ,Agreements etc.

  • Project reports, Cash Flow statements and Projected Profit and Loss Accounts for obtaining loans, increasing cash credit limits etc., from Banks, Financial Concerns etc

  • We provide consultancy services relating to Company Law, Income Tax, Service Tax, Central Excise, Value Added Tax, Central Sales Tax, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax, Profession Tax etc

  • We undertake certification work under the various Statutes and Rules.

  • We provide recruitment services for clients for positions connected with accounting, marketing, administration etc.


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